September 4, 2016

Bulk WhatsApp Sender

If you’re looking for the right Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software to pair up with your Whatsapp Channels, then Bulk Whatsapp Sender might just be the solution for you!

Download this Bulk Whatsapp Messenger and notice how your profits increase for a thousand folds!

Being a merchant, we know how difficult it is to be able to connect with prospect and existing clients effectively. The countless marketing campaigns and the promotions are grueling activities that constantly besiege our daily, weekly or monthly business transactions. It is frustrating that after those countless efforts and time allotted of putting together these marketing campaigns, we can’t send them across our intended audience for lack of the perfect tool. That’s where our company comes in.The need for business owners and professionals for a tool to connect with others is what motivates our company to adapt Whatsapp Marketing. It is now hailed as the most effective tool to connect companies and clients in the least amount of cost involved. Our company is offering you with different options for you and your business to bridge the gap that existed between you and your buyers. If you’re looking to address that concern effectively, contact us!

Download our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software now and witness your income multiply!

Choosing the right Bulk Whatsapp Messenger could be tricky at times. This is because different Whatsapp Marketing Solutions address different Whatsapp Marketing problems. It is therefore important that you know what you require before making a purchase. To help you identify the perfect Whatsapp Marketing Solution for your business, contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender

It has been our aim to provide Whatsapp Marketing Solutions for you so you can better communicate with your prospect and existing clients. Bulk Whatsapp Sender is a Whatsapp Marketing Software that we had developed for a period of few months. We had tested and gathered results about the performance of this Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software. So far, we have nothing but good things to say about this product and we are all excited to release this and witness how it changes the lives of our clients. If you are looking for the correct Bulk Whatsapp Sender, contact us now through the contact details provided at the end of this article.

What this Bulk Whatsapp Messenger can do for your business:

Bulk Whatsapp Sender is a Whatsapp Marketing Software that allows you to the following:

  1. Add unlimited WhatsApp channels and send multitude of Whatsapp messages in one go.
  2. Create different campaigns to different sets of Whatsapp numbers
  3. You have the option to use multiple Proxy IP Addresses.

Product Features:

  1. Add multiple WhatsApp numbers into the system
    With this Bulk Whatsapp Messenger, you have the ability to add as many Whatsapp numbers and use it to send as many Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users in whatever part of the world!
  2. Option to create different campaigns to different set of WhatsApp Numbers
    With Bulk Whatsapp Sender, you have the option to create different campaigns and program them to be sent in one go.
  3. Option to use multiple Proxy IP Addresses
    Our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software had an option that will allow you to use different Proxy IP addresses so that your Whatsapp numbers remained safe from getting banned by Whatsapp.

If you’re skeptical about why you should choose Whatsapp as your primary tool to connect with your audience, consider the power of this messaging tool:

Power of Whatsapp

We could only guess that Whatsapp developers Jan Koum and Brian Acton never thought that their app would create such a stir in the community. They were probably just trying to earn a keep when they stumble upon the idea of creating a messaging app that would enable people to connect with others in a convenient and fun way.

Actually, they experienced quite a few rough patches of their application especially during the closing days of 2009 but were able to bounce back afterwards. By February 19 2014, Whatsapp was sold to FB for a total of $19 billion US in cash and in bonds. The news of the purchase actually made headlines in the techie world as it was the highest purchase that FB made so far. Apart from that, one of the developers actually applied for a job at FB but was turned down. That sounded like a good premise of a movie, right?


Let’s just say you wanted to run a launch of your new product or service. You must adopt Whatsapp Marketing. Send out those enticing promotional messages to your prospect and existing clients and see how effective it is!

It is important that you grab this opportunity to earn more money as soon as possible. Download our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software now and get started earning profits.

This is a story about being “prepared”:

Many marriages fail because of lack of preparation. I am not referring to the wedding ceremony and wedding reception kind of preparation. I meant the couple themselves is not prepared about marriage. Mostly they only undergo counseling, seminar and coaching way AFTER they said “I do.”

Why is this problem?

Preparation is an integral part of a business. Well, if we’re being honest, preparation is also essential in other aspects of life. Examples are exam or even as simple as getting ready before bed. Like most things, when we are prepared we are less likely to panic when problems settled in. The result: we are better in dealing with the problem. A lot could go wrong without preparation. It might happen that a marriage falls apart or a business could get canned because of lack of preparation.  

If you’re being smart about your business, you need to prepare yourself for the inevitable problems that you will encounter.

Whatsapp Marketing Provider

We develop various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as Bulk Whatsapp Sender that are high quality tools that will enable you to tap on your prospect clients better. Bulk Whatsapp Sender also helps convert that database of potential clients into actual clients.

You can now scale your marketing campaigns with ease through the help of our Whatsapp Marketing Sender Software. Your Whatsapp Channels are also assured to last long because  Bulk Whatsapp Sender has the option where you could use multiple Proxy IP Addresses which basically bypass the “no commercial use” clause of Whatsapp.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender has been already utilized by countless marketers of today in connecting with other Whatsapp users. If you want to get your promotional messages or marketing campaign messages to your database of prospects and clients, download our Bulk Whatsapp Messenger now and get started in Whatsapp Marketing!

Our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software is packed with numerous features that are designed to help you connect with your audience better. With Bulk Whatsapp Sender, you could also have greater control with your marketing campaigns!

Change how you do your business by adopting the most effective way to market products and services! If you want to adopt this system of marketing but you’re unsure on how to go about it, contact us through filling up the form provided below. We will get back to you as promptly as we could.

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Wait, there’s more!

Apart from giving you this money making Bulk Whatsapp Sender software, we will also provide you with a solution that will collect local database of people around your area in bulk.

Buy our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software from us and we will also give you a copy of this additional software for free!

Send your mass Whatsapp messages through Bulk Whatsapp sender to the database of prospects that are collected through the additional software!

Bulk Whatsapp Sender and this free additional software will work great together as they would generate hot leads of prospect for you. More prospects, more conversions! How’s that sound?

Decide to download our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software now and witness your business transform! Do not deny yourself the chance for an increase income and better lifestyle by applying Whatsapp Marketing in your business. Contact us now!

Did I mention that we don’t stop at selling?

As mentioned earlier, we will provide you with round the clock after sales support. Just contact us through any of the contact details provided below.

We don’t wait for money to change hands before we decide to contribute, guide, counsel, advice and protect them. We nurture relationships by always accommodating to every issue and concern that they raised to us.

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